Love in a Token 😍

A digital and low cost wedding ring. Meet the next phase of vows, engagements, and marriages, all backed by a smart contract.

A Smart Promise

Bring meaning to "Til death do us part" with a love token, backed by a smart contract, that can be traded and valued. No more legal mess!

Wonderful and Cheap

Gone are the days of extravagant celebrations, over the top costs, and prenups . Enjoy worry-free commitment without the financial burden.

A Little Something Extra

Show your love with this generation defining asset. Give something a little extra without having to spend extra. A gift that keeps on giving.

"First comes love, then comes marriage, next comes the baby in a rockin carriage."

Jeffrey Failawitts

LoveShack Founder
"Nothing says "I love you" like a physical representation of commitment!"

Paul J. Reed

Professional Couponer
"My love may have left me, but at least I can still sell my marriage!"

Rachel Meyers

CEO, Kay Rulers

We are Lovers Also 🎉

Meet the team!

Peter Chikamoto


With 20 years of failed relationships under his belt, Peter now lives by ValenToken for any commitment. On his free time, Peter finds new ways to say "I love you".

Lynn M. Richardson


Having been a high school sweetheart, Lynn married the traditional way. Now she works on ValenToken to make love more affordable and meaningful.

Craig E. Warren


Craig's favorite song is "What is love" by Haddaway and enjoys moonlight walks at the beach. ValenToken has helped define Craig's life work.


What is ValenToken?

/lev/ ~ an intense feeling of deep affection. ValenToken tries to capture this emotional serenity in the best way possible, through a token backed by a smart contract. Take the confusion out of commitment with this beloved gift!

When will ValenTokens be available?

ValenTokens are available at the start of a new relationship commitment and complete execution at the end date. ValenTokens are the best way to capture commitment in the most cost effective and meaningful way!

How much is a ValenToken?

Woah buddy! Who are we to put a price on your love? But for today only, ValenTokens are on sale for free! Helping to deeply discount your love for your special someone 😘 .

Where can I get a ValenToken?

Please consult a loved one about receiving a ValenToken. They already have it ready available for you!

Can I use a ValenToken else where?

Yes! Since love is universally accepted, so is a ValenToken. Our team suggests that this Valentine's Day, share your ValenTokens as a donation at a charity near you:

Looking for something a little extra?

Be prepared for your next ValenToken ICO with Pei! Get cashback in Bitcoin or USD on any debit or credit card.Join now for early access 🎉